5 Things to do with Unwanted Christmas Gifts

30 January 2017

Even though Christmas is a time for giving, many of us feel saddened or disappointed when we unwrap gifts that are something we neither want nor need. If you have been unfortunate enough to receive an unwanted gift this Christmas, you’re probably wondering how to handle this horrendously awkward situation. If so, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.

Take it back/Exchange

If the sender has been so kind as to leave the receipt neatly tucked away with your gift, likelihood is they wasn’t even sure you’d like it. You can skip the awkward conversations, go to the store of purchase and get that cash in hand- a much better gift! If the receipt hasn’t been left for you, a lot of shops offer more relaxed exchanges during the Christmas period, so take it in store, explain the situation and hope the unwanted gift will be out of your hands for good!

Give it away

Whilst a Christmas gift you have been given is not great for you, it might be the perfect gift for someone else. Why not save it for someone’s birthday or next Christmas, or better yet, why not give it away to charity? Remember that charities do not accept anything that has been damaged or is very fragile, though they do accept most other things! Offer it to your local charity shop, and if they take it off your hands, you’ve done a good deed and got rid of an awful prezzie!

Learn to Love

If you can’t face telling your friends or family that you really hate their gifts, the only option is to learn to love whatever they’ve got you. This might mean that you don’t use the gift for the purpose it was originally given, but for something more imaginative instead. For example, perhaps you’ve been given an awful mug but could use it to hold pens on your work desk? Or perhaps you’ve been gifted an awful piece of clothing, but it would work wonders at the next dressing up party!


The likelihood is, you are going to know a lot of other people who have also received unwanted gifts this year. Why not get a group of willing friends or colleagues together to try out a bad gift swap? This can be great fun between work colleagues, and the great thing about this is you might end up with a gift you actually really enjoy. This makes the whole gift swapping idea a real success, for those wanting to rid themselves of their poorly picked gifts, and yourself for managing to get your hands on something you truly want!


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