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Buy Back

All Items Considered!

Need to raise some cash, but don’t want to give up your favourite items to do so? At Cash Shop we will buy your items, give you instant cash and keep them safe for you until you are able to buy them back. We will consider any item, but almost always give cash for:

Mobile Phones

Laptop Computers


Game Consoles

TVs & Blu ray players

iPods and other MP3 players

Sat Nav systems

And More!

Why do people use our buy back services?

  • Quick, easy access to instant cash
  • Solves short-term cash emergencies
  • All items are considered
  • Get cash for the same item over and over again
  • Private transaction

How the buy back service works

  • We buy the item for an agreed amount
  • We test your item (if necessary) to ensure it is in good working order
  • We provide you with cash for your item, and secure it until you buy it back
  • You pay back the agreed amount plus the repurchase premium within 28 days
  • You can also pay an additional premium for us to retain the item for you for a further 28 days
  • Once you have repaid the agreed amount and repurchase fee, the item is yours