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Winter Money Saving

Get ready for winter with These Tips

As winter quickly approaches, you may begin to worry about the prospect of keeping your bills low whilst still keeping your home warm as the temperatures outside drop. Getting ready in advance will ensure you keep your money down whilst not missing out on a cosy home this winter.

Time the Heating

Opting to have your heating on high for short periods of time rather than on low all day is the easiest way to save money through the winter. We would advise timing the heating to come on an hour before you usually wake up, and an hour before you go to bed. If you’re feeling extra nippy, by all means whack the heating on- just remember not to leave it.

Heat from Cooking

If you’re using the oven to cook, a great way to get that extra bit of warmth in your home is to leave the oven door open once you’ve finished cooking. Ensure the oven is completely switched off and prompt the door open to keep its heat circulating throughout your home- and not to mention it’s at no extra cost!

Keep the Thermostat Low

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to save money, though it can be very tempting to put your heating up to a higher level to keep you extra warm in the winter months, by simply turning your heating down as little as one degree can be the answer to your heating bill up to 10% less! Not to mention you won’t even notice the difference.

Remove Draughts

Draughts can be the reason you turn up your heating those extra degrees during the winter, but they needn’t be. We often mistake draughts for general coldness, when in fact they can be removed by simply purchasing a cheap draught excluder. You can even make one with a pair of old tights or a thick towel. Simply place it where there are areas for cold air to get in (for example a gap under the door) to keep clear from any chills.

Hot Water Bottles

Make use of your hot water bottles this winter! They’re cheap, easy to use and work wonders when it’s cold outside. When the heating isn’t on during the day, a hot water bottle could be the answer to your woes, and are the perfect way to save money rather than spending and turning the heating up!

At The Cash Shop, we can help you out with saving money during the winter months. We offer some fantastic financial services suited to you, including selling your goods and pawnbroking. Whatever works for you this winter, saving money is the goal, especially with Christmas approaching quickly – we even offer great deals on quality, pre-owned goods like mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, and more. What are your winter money saving tips? Let us know by tweeting us @thecashshop or by visiting our contact page.