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Christmas Cash

Need Extra Cash for Christmas?

Cash Shop has a variety of services that make it easy for you to access extra cash at any time, which is particularly useful around Christmas when funds can run low. You could be sitting on hundreds – maybe even thousands of pounds – and have no idea. Find out how much extra cash you can get with these services from The Cash Shop.

Sell Good for Cash

Do you have consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, tablets, TVs and more? Of course you do. Jewellery and watches? Probably. What about musical instruments, bicycles, sporting equipment, power tools or memorabilia? Chances are, that’s a ‘yes’, too. It’s very likely that have some, if not many, of such items that you no longer use or have multiples (I’ll bet your old mobile phone is sitting in a drawer somewhere…). If that is the case, and they are in good condition, you can sell them to Cash Shop. They pay great prices for those items you no longer want or need, because they have other customers who do want them.

Cash Shop will also buy gold in any condition – whether it’s broken chains, single earrings, rings with missing stones – you name it. With gold prices on the rise, you’ll be surprised at the money you could get for your scrap gold.

Why is selling to Cash Shop better than, say, eBay? Well, you don’t have to spend all that time listing items, responding to queries, dealing with potential fraudsters, posting the items and then being hit with fees after that. At Cash Shop, they’ll give you a fair offer and you can walk away with the cash right there and then – no hassle!

Buyback Service

You may be saying to yourself, “well, yes – I have lots of the items mentioned above but I don’t want to sell them!” With Cash Shop’s Buyback service, you can raise money against your items, and not have to worry about giving them up for good. Instead, Cash Shop will give you money for your items, store them safely, and you can buy them back within 28 days for the purchase price, plus a repurchase fee, which is significantly less than Cash Shop’s already low retail prices. If you decide you want to wait a little longer before you buy your items back, simply pay the fee and Cash Shop will keep your items safe for a further 28 days. What if you decide not to come back and redeem your item? That’s not a problem either, as you can use the buyback service again and again, whether you redeem your items or not!

Pawnbroking Loans

If you have treasured items that you keep tucked away for safe keeping, why not use the equity in them to get a loan against them? Cash Shop offers some of the most competitive interest rates on the High Street for pawnbroking, with rates as low as 2.9%* per month.

Cash Shop will lend on items of any value, but specialise in jewellery and watches. You have up to six months to repay the principal and interest, which makes pawnbroking an affordable alternative. Although you do not have to make any instalments during the 6 months, Cash Shop encourages customers to make repayments at any time, since this reduces the total interest you’d pay, and you don’t have to come up with one lumps sum when it comes time to redeem your item.

As you can see, just about everyone who needs a little extra cash can get it quickly and easily with great rates from Cash Shop. Find out more by visiting The Cash Shop contact page.

**Representative Example: Amount of credit is £100.00 for 120 days. Total amount payable is £135.60; Interest: £35.60; Interest rate: 8.9%; Effective annual interest rate: 106.8%; Representative %APR: 152.52%