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Unwanted Gifts

5 Things to do with Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Even though Christmas is a time for giving, many of us feel saddened or disappointed when we unwrap gifts that are something we neither want nor need. If you have been unfortunate enough to receive an unwanted gift this Christmas, you’re probably wondering how to handle this horrendously awkward situation. If so, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.

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make money

Best Ways to Make and Save Money in 2017

If you’re planning on making 2017 the year you save and make money but are unsure of where to start, here at Cash Shop we can help you. Many people find it difficult to open a savings account and commit to putting money in every month in order to meet their financial goals, but our top tips can help you to make some money without even realising it.

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Best 5 Places to Visit this January for Little Money

As the fun of Christmas starts to settle down and we come to the realisation of just how much money we have spent over the duration of the festivities. To kick start the new year in the best way, we’ve put together the best 5 places you can visit all over the country for as little money as possible, helping you to stick to your budget but still make the best of January.

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money saving

Top Money Saving New Year Resolutions

Did you find 2016 was a struggle regarding money? Are you wanting to ensure you make some guaranteed changed to ensure the next year is a breeze? Make 2017 the year you get a little richer and a little more comfortable by following our top five money saving New Year resolutions.

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Why is Gold so Valuable?

In recent years, you may have noticed that gold has become more valuable and more sought after, thus the huge number of chains offering gold for money. This has left many people wondering as to why gold is so valuable. There are five main reasons as to why this is, as well as why its value will continue to increase in the future.

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Gift Websites

The Best Websites for Cheap Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner now, the big festive panic is going to start to settle. Christmas always creates holes in our pockets and often comes in at a huge expense, but there are websites out there that can help you get some great deals. Whether you’re looking for kid’s toys, books or electricals, we know the websites to find the best deals. Whilst some you may have heard of before, it’s important you don’t look past the obvious when it comes to finding the best offers this Christmas.

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Christmas Money

Top 5 Ways to Make Money for Christmas

It’s a common problem for families throughout the UK that as Christmas begins to roll around, money suddenly becomes tight, making the holiday period a stressful time of year rather than enjoyable. In order to help you avoid any money problems this year, we’ve put together our top five ways on how to make some extra cash just in time for the festivities.

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Christmas Cash

Need Extra Cash for Christmas?

Cash Shop has a variety of services that make it easy for you to access extra cash at any time, which is particularly useful around Christmas when funds can run low. You could be sitting on hundreds – maybe even thousands of pounds – and have no idea. Find out how much extra cash you can get with these services from The Cash Shop.

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Winter Money Saving

Get ready for winter with These Tips

As winter quickly approaches, you may begin to worry about the prospect of keeping your bills low whilst still keeping your home warm as the temperatures outside drop. Getting ready in advance will ensure you keep your money down whilst not missing out on a cosy home this winter.

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Money Saving

Our Top 5 Money Saving Websites

Now winter is just around the corner, the need to save money increases as the weather gets colder and Christmas gets closer by the day. Thanks to the internet, this day and age means there are hundreds of websites out there that we can use in order to save money. We’ve put together our favourite five money saving websites to help you as winter rolls around.

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