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Money Saving

Our Top 5 Money Saving Websites

Now winter is just around the corner, the need to save money increases as the weather gets colder and Christmas gets closer by the day. Thanks to the internet, this day and age means there are hundreds of websites out there that we can use in order to save money. We’ve put together our favourite five money saving websites to help you as winter rolls around.

  1. Voucher Codes

Loved by many, this website is the answer to your money woes. With a bit of time and searching, you can get the latest discount vouchers and codes on absolutely everything, from dining out to clothing store discount codes, it’s really got it all. It even lets you know the latest deals that don’t require codes or vouchers, for example 2 for 1, so you can be up to date on how to find the best deals for you.

  1. My Supermarket

Stock up on all the delicious food this winter by comparing prices at all the top supermarkets. The My Supermarket website does everything for you, allowing you to find the ultimate deals for your weekly shop. Why not take a look before Christmas comes around and feed the whole family for as little as possible? Not to mention you can compare all the bubbly deals too, perfect for special occasions!

  1. Freecycle

Had a clear out recently and notice you have a lot of stuff you neither want nor need? Freecycle is a non-profit organisation which allows you to swap your old stuff for someone else’s, and no money whatsoever is given. Often it’s hit and miss, but you can find people wanting to get rid of old furniture via the website, so it’s definitely worth a good look before you decide to spend.

  1. Last Minute

Most people tend to book their summer holiday in the winter, giving them something to look forward to and allowing them to spread the cost sensibly. Before you go to the big holiday brands, why not search on last minute? It has an array of fantastic holiday deals, whether you like relaxing by the pool or going on different adventures. Not to mention it also has deals for top UK attractions, days out and restaurants too!

  1. Money Saving Expert

If you’re looking for some advice on how to save money in general, this website is full of thousands of tips and tricks to help you save in every aspect. Whether you’re wanting help on how to save with your mortgage or home, or you’re interested in knowing how to save on a new mobile deal, this website really does have it all, and is a great website to add to your bookmarks for future use!

At The Cash Shop, we can help you out if you’re in need of some money with our fantastic ‘get cash for goods’ services. If you’d like more information on saving money, get in touch with The Cash Shop team by visiting our contact page– we’d love to help!