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Pawnbroking or Short Term Loan

Pawnbroking or Short Term Loan – Which Is Right For Me?

Here at Cash Shop, we offer a variety of services to help people when they need a little extra cash. The decision between pawnbroking or short term loans can be daunting, but each of our services is tailored to suit different people. We are very open about everything that’s involved with taking out a loan, to ensure that you are comfortable in knowing that you have made the right decision.

What is pawnbroking?

If you own some items of value and don’t need them for a few weeks, then pawnbroking may be a great solution for you. Simply bring your item of value into your local Cash Shop where we will value it for you, and then come to an agreement with you on how much you can borrow against it. Once the amount of money has been agreed, we will store your item(s) away for you safely and you will have the cash in your hands within minutes. You will have up to six months to save up and repay the loan to Cash Shop, therefore spreading out the costs, making it affordable. You can make partial payments any time you wish, which when reducing the principal loan amount, will also reduce the amount of interest you need to pay.

There are no credit checks involved in pawnbroking. If you’re unable to take out a loan as a result of a poor credit rating, then this could be a great solution for you!

Pawnbroking is practical, hassle-free and affordable.

For more information on how the Pawnbroking process works, take a look here.

What is a Short Term Loan?

If you are suddenly short of cash, you may find yourself with no option but to take out a loan. You may find yourself in the tricky predicament of having an unexpected bill to pay, and discover that your bank won’t lend you a penny or allow you to extend your overdraft. Don’t worry, there are other options and the words “Short Term Loan” aren’t as daunting as they sound!
If you pop into your local Cash Shop branch, we will give you cash and organise monthly payments to come straight from your bank account on pay day, which you won’t even need to think about! If you would rather hold on to valuables and simply have access to instant cash, then a Short Term Loan from Cash Shop could be a brilliant option for you.

For more information on Short Term Loans, take a look here.

Still unsure whether Pawnbroking or a Short Term Loan is for you?

Whether you decide that Pawnbroking or a Short Term Loan is the right service for you, we won’t put you in a difficult situation by lending you more than you need and asking you to make payments which you can’t afford. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will carry out a basic credit check and affordability assessment.

Look no further. Here at Cash Shop, our friendly team are always on hand to advise you and ensure that you make the right decision that won’t leave you out of pocket.