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Christmas Money

Top 5 Ways to Make Money for Christmas

It’s a common problem for families throughout the UK that as Christmas begins to roll around, money suddenly becomes tight, making the holiday period a stressful time of year rather than enjoyable. In order to help you avoid any money problems this year, we’ve put together our top five ways on how to make some extra cash just in time for the festivities.

  1. Sell

Around Christmas time, we always seem to be in need of some extra space for Christmas decorations, gifts and food. This year, why not try to sell some of your older possessions that seem to just be lying around collecting dust. Have a look through your old electrical items, DVD’s, books or clothes to see if you can sell them and make some money. The great thing is not only will you be making some extra cash for this year’s Christmas presents, you’ll also be freeing up some space in your home.

  1. Christmas Temp

Even though Christmas is a busy time for everyone, getting an extra, part-time, temporary job around the festive period is a great way of earning extra cash. Not only will it bring in the extra money, but it will also give you the chance to work in a new environment, meet new people and, potentially, get staff discounts (which means another way to save!) Though it could be hectic and add to the stress, it’s important to remember that it won’t be permanent and in the long term it will benefit you hugely.

  1. Bake

If you’re already in a full-time job and don’t have the time for an additional temporary one, why not try to bake and sell some Christmas goods for some extra money? The great thing about this is you can get your children involved and make it a family activity. Baked goods are cheap, easy and fun to make, as well as allowing for more family time. When it comes to selling, you could try your luck at a Christmas market, which is also a great family day out and will really get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Get a Loan

If you’re worried about struggling with money through the festive period, getting a loan could be the answer you’re looking for. You could even get a loan for as little as £250 to get you through Christmas, and some at fantastic interest rates meaning you won’t be paying back more than you need to. Your loan could last you six to twelve months, meaning your entire loan, plus interest, could be entirely paid off before Christmas next year.

  1. Pawnbroking

Like loans, using a pawnbroking service allows you to obtain money you don’t already have, and pay it back when suits you. You will need to pass over a valuable item in order to get some cash- the perfect way to obtain some extra money if you have a valuable item, such as jewellery, lying around your home that you don’t currently need. At The Cash Shop, your valuable item will be kept secure for however long your loan lasts. You can leave it for as little as a day, and up to six months. A daily interest rate is charged, but you can redeem your item at any time as long as the initial loan and interest is paid in full!

Here at The Cash Shop, we have multiple ways of helping you save money at this time of year. If you’d like more information on how you can get some extra cash this Christmas, get in touch with The Cash Shop team via our contact page.