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Top Money Saving New Year Resolutions

Did you find 2016 was a struggle regarding money? Are you wanting to ensure you make some guaranteed changed to ensure the next year is a breeze? Make 2017 the year you get a little richer and a little more comfortable by following our top five money saving New Year resolutions.


Before you even begin to start saving, it’s vital that you take the time to understand the money you have coming in and going out each month. This will then allow you to build a budget suited to you. It’s a tough task to save up money in the long term if you haven’t accounted your living costs and one off-expenses that are needed such as socialising and hairdressing for example. You’ll also need to take into account household bills and any debts that are going out of your monthly wage. Once all of this is accounted for, you’ll be able to work out a monthly budget, and how much you are likely to be able to put away.


Do you have a job where you’re going out and buying lunch from the café every single day? Are you aware of how much money this is costing you? The likelihood is that it’s around £1000 every year. By using the food you already have at home to make sandwiches, pasta or salad bowls you will be saving a whole lot of money that can be spent elsewhere. Whether this be holidays, Christmas or just to treat yourself! By making your own lunches as a New Year resolution you’ll be reaping the rewards in months to come.


Likelihood is that you’re an avid tea or coffee drinker throughout your days at work. The same goes as your lunches- you can save a huge heap of cash by simply buying tea bags and coffee in bulk and making your own throughout the day rather than purchasing them from the cafeteria. The same goes if you drink water, squash or other soft drinks- by bringing in your own you are going to start saving money, and it could be up to around £500 per year. Think of what you could get for that amount of money rather than a couple tea or coffees a day!


It is estimated that around 1 in 5 British adults smoke, and thus costing a lot of additional, unneeded costs every single year. If you are prone to a 20 pack of cigarettes daily, you could be forking out an extra £3000 of estimated costs yearly. Ditch the nasty habits and save a whole heap of money- enough for a five star holiday for two! There are also additional bonus savings on top, with people who do not smoke paying around £6000 less for life insurance. If you just can’t give up completely, why not cut down or switch to vaping instead, which is a great alternative for those that still need a nicotine hit but want to save?

Your Way

Though there are multiple fantastic ways for saving money, it’s vital that you figure out what it is that works for you. Some people like to set up new bank accounts with a direct debit each month, allowing them to save in a way that happens automatically, requiring little effort. The great part is that if you really need to access the money, it will require a visit to the bank rather than a quick dip in here and there. The main thing to remember is that the correct way to save money is very personal, so see what works best for you!

Here at The Cash Shop, we have a range of services to help you save money or to help you out when you need it most. If you’d like more information, take a look at what we have to offer here, or get in touch with a member of the team by visiting our contact page.